Goway Trips, operating since 2003, has been providing unforgettable travel experiences for travellers from all walks of life. We are Kashmir leading travel

Our Vision

We offer a wide choice of travel ideas, ranging from fully independent travelling, to escorted tours and adventure touring for the more adventurous trekker. Our vast product range is reflected in the strength of our stand-alone brands.

Our Strength

The strength of Goway Trips has always been the quality of our staff and our commitment to customer satisfaction. Many of our staff are longtime employees

Our Objectives

Our basic objective is to so satisfy our clients that they will recommend us to their friends and travel with us again and again. That is how we have been able to keep growing over the years.

We do not believe in the “status quo” and are always looking for new ideas to improve our product (experiences) and services. We embrace change and are always looking for new and more efficient ways to do business.


GowayTrips is one of the oldest, largest and most experienced travel companies in Jammu and Kashmir. For world travellers (we call them Globetrotters), our diversity (Air, Land, Tours, Groups) and specialization ensures unrivalled expertise. Our staff’s commitment to service is paramount.

We Really Care.
With us, you are not just a number. Every Goway trips traveller is important. We really care that you will be more than satisfied with our services because we want you to book with Goway again and again and recommend us to your friends. 
Over 15 Years Experience.
Established in 2003, Goway Trips is a leading name in independent, customized and group travel in Jammu and Kashmir.
Travel Wizards & Experts.
Goway Trips staff undergo extensive specialized training and have first hand knowledge of the destinations we specialize in. They are tested to become qualified “Wizards” and “ExpertsBest Airfares.
As specialists in long haul travel, we are a top supplier for many of the world’s leading airlines, giving us access to their best fares (economy, business and first class).

More Choice of Experience.
For the destinations we specialize in, we offer you more ways to get around: self-drives, coach tours, backpackers transport, chauffeur limousines, helicopters, trains, treks, safaris, etc. We are Experts for private touring.

Offering the best airfares, more ways to get you to your destination and more itinerary choices for when you are there, Gowaytrips is a One-Stop-Shop for Globetrotters.